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A big thank you to everyone who came and watched us play last Sunday! What a fantastic time, in a very nice venue (slight projection issues notwithstanding). You can find some photos of the event at this page.

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I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be performing a live improvisation and collaboration with two other Łódź-based artists, T. Kałużny and F. Appel at Daleko Blisko cafe. The theme will be “Travelling Sound”:

“Sound travels. Not only physically, but cognitively and emotionally. It’s sometimes un-ignorable, and sometimes taken for granted. It’s found in all locations around the globe. It’s abundant—a raw material ready to be taken and sculpted into something different.

Three musicians working in ambient and drone come together at Daleko Blisko to perform an improvisation based on sounds collected from places around the continent. These field recordings are morphed and shaped into other musical forms. Sounds of both the city and remote areas are turned and twisted into shifting textures, deep drones and passing melodies.”

The performance will be at 19.00 on Sunday, 16th March. I hope you can make it down! For more details, please see this Facebook event.

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Rich Hughes opened last night’s broadcast of his show, The Visitor, by playing “Inversions”. The whole show is fully recommended, and you can hear it right here:

The Visitor broadcasts ever fortnight on Cambridge 105 radio in the UK.

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The past few weeks has been very busy with various projects that are in progress as we speak and that I hope to be able to share with you soon! Whilst I’m working on them, I would like to share something new, a piece stitched together from various loops and samples that have been lying around unused, or collected recently from various sources:

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It’s been a short while, but today I’d like to share with you the new work that was recently broadcast on Stress FM as part of their “What does the internet sound like?” project:

As described before, “Packets” is made from the digital data of a twenty-minute capture of all WiFi traffic from around my workspace (which it turns out is quite a lot of traffic!). I then massaged the data into an audible signal and further processed using a variety of tools.

The track is a free download, so please help yourselves and share around!

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This Saturday, 30th November, stress.fm will be streaming a whole day of audio responses to the question, “What does the internet sound like?”. As part of this, they’ll be premiering a brand-new work of mine, “Packets”.

“Packets” is an exploration of the hidden world of hyper-connectivity. The sounds that make up the piece are built entirely from the signals invisibly transmitted through the aether every day.

I made “Packets” entirely from data signals captured from WiFi traffic around my location, which I then translated into audible sound and further processed.

You can find out more about the project here!

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A quick note: you can now stream the audio-only version of “Polska Złota Jesień” from Soundcloud if you so desire:

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Today I’m really excited to be able to present my latest work, a couple of weeks in the making! “Polska Złota Jesień” is an audio-visual work for LFO Array and processed field recording, celebrating the beautiful “Polish Golden Autumn”:

The video was shot in and around Łódź, and the music itself was created almost entirely from field recordings that accompanied the video shoot. Sadly, by now the weather here has turned decidedly more towards winter, but hopefully the piece will let you experience some of the amazing sights and sounds of autumn.

The video is available on YouTube, and also on Vimeo if you prefer it that way.

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Online music magazine Slate the Disco very kindly featured my remix of Luke Cowan’s “Part One”! You can see the article right here.

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Another week over and it’s the weekend! To celebrate, I’d like to share my remix of Luke Cowan’s track “Part One” from his “Ambient 4″ EP.

You can hear the original track (and download the whole EP for free!) from Soundcloud.

I also highly recommend taking a listen to Luke’s other work, both solo and with Holden Girls.

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