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September, 2013 Monthly archive

Welcome to the new website! From here you should be able to find everything related to my work. Currently it’s a little sparse, but more things will be making their way here on a (hopefully) regular basis. However, to start with, I should point out that my debut work, “KN.ERS”, is available from the music page. From there you can stream the audio, and if you so wish can purchase the digital download version from Bandcamp. I’m hoping to have some limited edition physical copies available presently.

I also recently played with Robert Curgenven and Lee Patterson (also here) at the Unitarian Church in Cambridge, UK, which was a fantastic evening focussed on sonic physicalities. Lee conjured up an amazing set of sounds from a vast array of everyday objects, and Robert’s set was a fascinating study of harsh climates and those who feel they can conquer them. I recommend you check out both of them when you have the chance. If you’re interested in my own set, you can hear the live recording of it here:

Many thanks to all who patiently listened. As always, this piece has some frequencies which will be difficult to hear without “adequate” listening apparatus.

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